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Fr Mick O’Shea, theologian, writer and missionary, has worked for SMA in Zambia and Benin (Africa) and India and The Philippines (Asia) as well as undertaking studies in Italy and Ireland (Europe).

In 1962 the SMA Vocations Director wouldn’t take no for an answer (when Mick told him he wasn’t interested in becoming a missionary) – so Mick came to SMA that same year!

Immediately after ordination he was sent to Maynooth for further studies in theology. He was later to undertake studies in Spirituality in Rome. There he began research into the life of the Founder of SMA, Bishop de Marion Bresillac. He wrote a study on the Spirituality of the Founder – Mission or Martyrdom?

Mick has undertaken pastoral work in Zambia. Later he taught in the Major Seminary at Mpima where he is currently professor of Church History and also teaches English.

He was also involved in Formation work for SMA in Calavi (Benin) at the International Spiritual Year programme there and in both the Philippines and India he spent some time as Director of Studies.

Formerly a keen canoeist, he likes to keep fit by cycling, jogging and he also loves walking in the forest near his present location in Zambia.

He is currently engaged in writing a biography of Bishop P J Kelly SMA (1895-1991), the former Bishop of Benin City in Nigeria.

“I suppose the ‘African adventure’ appeals to me”, he says.

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1944: Born at Cork, Ireland

1962-1970: Studies with SMA Galway, Wilton & Dromantine

1969: Permanent member of SMA.

1969: Ordination

1970-1973 : Studies at Maynooth

1973-1983: Zambia

1983-1988: Further Studies, Rome

1988-1992: Calavi, Benin

1992-1994: India & Philippines

1995 to date: Zambia

19-date: Zambia

Fr Michael O’Shea SMA
St Augustine’s Seminary
P O Box 81011

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