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Here is my servant, the one I uphold; my chosen, who brings me delight.
I’ve put my spirit upon him; he will bring justice to the nations.
Is. 42: 1 

Servant: Lord, you  call us to serve you by recognising the image of Jesus, God made man, in every human being.  May we be instruments of your peace through work for Justice.  Bless all who work for what is right and who seek to heal the wounds of bigotry and religious division.

Uphold: Lord, you speak to us through Scripture, the Church and the Holy Spirit.  May we listen and so be more effective in doing your will.  We pray for all who uphold truth and defend the rights and dignity of those who are abused. 

Chosen:  Lord, you have chosen us to know, love and serve you.  May we take delight in doing your will by recognising the inestimable value of every human being.  May we see the face of Jesus in all who are distressed, maimed or diseased.  Strengthen all who care for the sick and comfort those who suffer.

Spirit: Lord, through the power of your Sprit strengthen us so that we may be instruments witnessing to faith, giving hope to those who despair and showing love to those who have been rejected.  Protect all refugees and those who work to care for them.

Justice: Lord, may we not fear seeking the justice without which peace cannot exist.  Where there is hatred may we sow love and forgiveness.  We pray for the most abandoned, the homeless, those forced to flee and those who suffer as a result of armed conflict.  We pray for those who are enslaved and used to satisfy the greed of others.  Sustain and guide all who promote human rights and who work to ensure that every person has a fair share of the world’s goods and resources. 

Nations: We pray that the nations of the earth recognise a common humanity and the equal rights of people of every tribe and tongue.  We pray that leaders may overcome selfishness and vested interest.  Bless all who work for equality and inclusion, who seek to protect migrants and who welcome the stranger.                                                                             

Lord make us instruments of Justice and Peace   AMEN

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