Pope Francis calls Christians to bear witness with their lives in a way that attracts, without demanding or forcing

In The Pope Video for October, Pope Francis asks all people to be missionary disciples in their everyday life, in their daily work, bearing witness to their encounter with Jesus and living with the flavor of the Gospel.

The Pope Video for October, the month of Mission, and also the month during which the synodal process begins the Holy Father explores in depth the evangelizing nature of the church and calls us all to be missionary disciples.

This mission, to which all the baptized are called, is centered above all on being “available to answer His call and to live united to the Lord in the most common daily things—work, meeting other people, our daily duties, the chance events of each day—allowing ourselves to be guided always by the Holy Spirit.”

This call, invites men and women to allow themselves to be “moved” by Christ and thus to bear testimony of a life that infects others, that attracts without forcing or demanding. In the video, he tells us that every testimony of life inspires admiration, and admiration inspires others to ask, “How is it possible for this person to be this way?” or “What is the source of the love with which this person treats everyone—the kindness and good humor?”

Being a missionary means seeking out and fostering personal, face-to-face encounters, person to person. Pope Francis tells us; “the Church grows by attraction and by witness.” It’s a matter of living near to Jesus, encountering others: If you have been attracted by Christ, if you move and do things because you are attracted by Christ, others will notice it without effort. There is no need to prove it, let alone flaunt it.” It’s about incarnating the Gospel in daily life, being a fire that ignites another fire.

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