Patron Saints, National Feasts and Independence Days

Patron Saints, National Feasts and Independence Days
An easy way to acknowledge the presence of Immigrants in the School or Congregation is to acknowledge or mark the feast of their national patron saint.  Perhaps a notice about the feast day could be included in the Parish Newsletter, mentioned during Mass or a notice put on the Church/School notice board.

Follow the link below to a Website that gives the patron saints of countries, continents and major geographic regions. This will provide information for notices which could be published with a greeting in the native language of the country.    Patron Saints

 An alternative way of acknowledging the presence of people from these countries is to mark their national or independence day.  These can be found in the CIA World Fact Book in the country profiles section. Simply select the name of the country and scroll down until you come to the section on Government and this will give the Independence or National Day of the country concerned. This source also has a section on Flags of the World – which may be useful for preparing decorations or posters that can be used for multicultural liturgies or celebrations.
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