The SMA Logo

An international competition was held to produce a Logo for SMA that would express our life and work. The SMA Plenary Council meeting in Kenya in May 2005 approved the new Logo which was designed in Poland.

SMA logo


The Logo consists of a grey circle leading to a Cross, surrounding and covering the map of Africa. There are three doves in flight above the Cross. Africa is coloured yellow against a blue background. The letters S M A are included in white.


The Cross, the great Christian symbol is covering Africa and offering protection to the continent.
The Circle encloses Africa which is at the heart of SMA missionary activity.
Doves represent love, hope, peace – virtues at the heart of the Christian message.
Their flight around the Cross represents the new life that comes from the Cross.
The colours are symbolic too:
Blue for our Blessed Lady
Yellow for the link between our missionary activity and the Church in Rome.

Our Logo appears on all our documentation and expresses the mission of SMA in the world today.

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