Memories – a Video about Wilton and Mary O’Flynn

Some weeks ago an article about the retirement of Mary O’ Flynn following her many years of service in SMA House Wilton was published on this website. Since then video footage recorded at her leaving celebration and an interview with Mary herself have been edited into a thirty minute video by Paul O’Flynn (No relation).  
In it Mary recalls some of the fond memories of her forty-five years working in Wilton, for example ringing the Angelus and almost ending up in the rafters, visits from various international and well known members of the SMA and also the days before Cork University Hospital was built.
This video is a heartfelt recalling of people and events it gives a view of the history of Wilton, the neighbourhood as well as of the SMA presence in the area.  Above all it is a reflection on Mary’s life as part of the SMA family not only metaphorically but also in actuality as she is an honorary member of the SMA.  This tribute to Mary captures many memories of her early life and time with the SMA. It is interesting and captivating – well worth thirty minutes of your time.
God bless Mary in her retirement.
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