Kaduna Interfaith Council

Muslim and Christian Women

Call for Peace and Justice as we celebrate Nigeria’s 51st Anniversary

On this occasion of the 51st Anniversary of our dear nation’s independence, we, THE INTERFAITH COUNCIL OF MUSLIM & CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATIONS KADUNA congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan, the Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo, the entire Government and all Nigerian citizens.

We also congratulate the First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan and the wife of the vice president, Hajia Amina N Sambo, on the initiation of the laudable ongoing program known as the Women for Change Initiative which led to the actualization of the 35% affirmation for women’s participatory roles in government and policy decision. To you both we say Happy Anniversary.

Our Women’s Interfaith Council uses this occasion of our Independence Anniversary to call on the three tiers of Government, at all levels, and on relevant stakeholders to join hands and voices in the pursuit of peace for the nation. We acknowledge that without peace there can be no meaningful development.

We call on Government to find means to dialogue with the Boko Haram group and with other groups that cause disharmony and disrupt the peaceful coexistence among Nigerians, to listen to the grievances of such groups and address them with fairness and equity in the overall interest of all citizens.  We note that the existence of such groups is an indication of the failure of Government to lead our country on the path of progress, justice, equality and right and is a stark reminder that there are many underlying problems in Nigerian society today. The Government should give serious consideration to all seeming grudges which express the plight of Nigerians and give all citizens a sense of security by addressing the many social problems highlighted.

Equally, we call on the members of Boko Haram, and other peoples who resort to violence, to reconsider their use of such methods and to join the ranks of Nigerian citizens who make honest efforts to build a united Nigeria of justice and of equity in fidelity to the Nigerian constitution.  In a spirit of dialogue and people participatory democracy, and in a joint commitment to the pursuance of the common good, non-violent means can be used to express their concerns so that relevant issues can be dealt with in a way that is for the good of all citizens.

As women, we are tired of being at the receiving end of all the hazards that violence and destruction brings. We call on women to rise up to their responsibilities as mothers and home builders. Mothers must give to their children and to their husbands a sense of respect for life and a commitment to justice, right and peaceful coexistence.

Nigeria is a blessed country with enough human and natural resources to make this nation the envy of other nations. Over 90% of Nigerians are adherents of the two main religions, Islam and Christianity. Therefore, as women of faith, we call on all Christians and Muslims, in the spirit of Love and Forgiveness, to pursue PEACE at all times.

Long live Nigeria! God bless Nigeria!

Signed: Interfaith Council of Muslim and Christian Women’s Associations Kaduna  Date: 30th Sept. 2011 


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