Humanitarian crisis in East Africa

Humanitarian crisis in East Africa  

lodwarAround 9 million people in the Horn of Africa are in need of humanitarian aid. This crisis has been caused by a combination of drought, high food prices and the on-going conflict in Somalia. Those affected most are the poorest and weakest many of whom have died or have been forced to leave their homes in search of food.

According to the UN World Food Project the people needing food assistance are mainly in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. “Desperate hunger is looming across the Horn of Africa and threatening the lives of millions who are struggling to survive in the face of rising food prices and conflict,” said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

Drought in the region has meant that there has been no harvest for the last two years. Food prices have soared beyond the means of most people and the conflict in Somalia adds further to the disruption of people’s lives.  Around 10,000 people from Somalia are arriving each week at already overcrowded Kenyan refugee camps. As rains normally expected between April and June failed to appear again this year the numbers needing assistance are expected to rise even further in the coming weeks.

SMA Bishop Patrick J Harrington recently handed over to Bishop Dominic Kimengich as Bishop of Lodwar, the area in northern Kenya where many refugees are now living, with more arriving every day.  Should you wish your donation to go directly to the feeding programmes organised by the Diocese of Lodwar please make your donation through clicking here Donate Online and then click on Famine Relief in the Choose a Cause drop down menu. Thank you!

Should you wish to send a donation by cheque of PO please make it payable to ‘Society of African Missions, Cork’.

cois-tine-logoWe also ask for your prayers for the people of the region and for all those who are working to provide them with assistance at this time

As a local response to the crisis Cois Tine (an SMA Project providing services to African immigrants in Cork) together with immigrants from Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia – countries affected by the drought – invited all Irish people to express their solidarity with those who are suffering by taking time to pray and fast on Wednesday 20 July and where possible to make a donation in support of people suffering as a result of the crisis.


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