Below are videos produced by the SMA relating to SMA history, events and activities.


SMA History and Occasions

HISTORY: Melchior Marion Bresillac – The Founder and his life.

Summer Camp 2023 by Fr. John Dunne.

HISTORY: how the SMA Irish Province came into being in 1912

Margaret takes a trip down memory lane to talk about her experiences with the SMA. A special tribute and personal account.

HISTORY: Fr Jeremiah Moran SMA. A founding figure of the Church in Togo

The SMA-OLA Christmas event from 2020 is a mix of readings and prayers for you to enjoy again and again.

Ordinations Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

SMA Christmas Service for Peace.

Reflections on living Catholic faith with Fr. Michael McCabe.

Mary O’Flynn Retirement.

Golden Jubilee in Zambia –  50 years of SMA Mission

SMA in Tanzania.

Tanga Project, Tanzania.

Twafwane Project, Zambia.

SMA Jubilees in Tanzania 2023.