First Sunday of Advent 2008

Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent…

1st Sunday of Advent
2 December 2007

Readings (Year A)

Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 121
Romans 13:11-14
Matthew 24:37-44

A Thought for the day …


The prophet Isaiah had a vision which we read about in the 1st Reading. A vision is the fruit of prayer, meditation and contemplation. It is born from a sense of wonder of the mystery of life of the mystery of God.

Advent is a new beginning. We must forever begin.

“Though we live in a world that thinks of ending,
that always seems about to give in.
Something that will not acknowledge conclusion
insists that we forever begin”
(Brendan Kennelly)
We begin wherever we find ourselves.

Life is ultimately about relationships – about right relationships with God, self, our fellow humans, institutions, and all creation.

“What we are waiting for is what he promised: the new heavens and new earth, the place where righteousness will be at home. So then, my friends, while you are waiting, do your best to live lives without spot or stain so that he will find you at peace. Think of our Lord’s patience as your opportunity to be saved.” 2 Peter 3:13-14

May we find time to be open to the mystery of our own lives, to the lives of others; to the mystery of God Incarnate. “Send forth your Spirit O Lord and they shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth”.

Fr Colman Nilan SMA
Accra, Ghana

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