Embulbul Parish Projects in Kenya


The SMA parish of Embulbul, where Fr Con Murphy SMA is working, we have received appeals for two different projects. Your contribution is sure to help us.

The Vincent de Paul Society

A Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society was established in 2006 by Fr. C. Murphy SMA, assisted by Sr. Alice Daly, Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

The aim of this rather small conference is to respond to situations of extreme poverty that exist locally. This involves visiting the poor and the sick in their homes and in hospitals; praying with them and for them; communicating interest in and concern for their situation and giving whatever material help that is possible within the Conference’s limited resources.

The principal needs of those seeking help are food, medicine and clothing as well as school fees and house rent.

The local community is by no means rich but the people are quite generous with donations of clothes and food. For financial assistance, however, the Conference is largely dependent on overseas donors.
During the month of December ’08 the Conference spent 25,000.00 Kenya shillings (£ 250) on food, medicine and some essential household furnishings. Christmas food was supplied to 30 families and roughly 70 people were given clothing donated by parishioners.
In the village many people are unemployed and many earn less than 200 Kenya shillings per day (£ 2)

Any assistance for their project will be greatly appreciated.

Fr. Con Murphy – Assistant Priest


This project is under the direction of the Parish priest of Embulbul and its aim is to provide practical assistance for those in the locality who are HIV positive and practically for children who are affected by the AIDS pandemic. Some of these children who are affected by the disease and many others have lost one or both parents.

Help for the children are provided especially through meeting their educational needs. The project attempts to:

a)    Pay school fees
b)    Provide school uniforms and text books
c)    Pay medical expenses.

A special feeding programme provides food for 140 children for three times weekly.

Also, a small group of adults about 123 – are given opportunity to participate in a self help programme which involves the working and the selling of articles of clothing as well as the manufacture of African ornaments and articles of jewelry for sale to tourists.

The annual budget for the project is roughly $ 25,000.00.

Any contribution will be deeply appreciated.

Fr. Fabian Hevi SMA – Parish Priest
Fr. Con Murphy SMA – Assistant

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