Cost of living: the poorest are suffering the most

In an interview with Vatican Radio, SMA Father Seán J Healy has reminded Irish politicians that society will be judged by how it deals with and treats its most vulnerable.

Every day we read headlines about increasing food and energy costs, hitting the poorest the most as many of them are already struggling to survive below the poverty line. Fr Seán says that we’re “looking at a situation where people didn’t have much leeway before the current crisis came along and before the cost of living started to rise. They were already living in poverty or else they were living on the edge of poverty.”

In his interview with Vatican Radio, Fr Seán, CEO of the independent think-tank Social Justice Ireland (SJI), said that the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the more recent unjust war on Ukraine by President Putin, shows us how interdependent we all are. And consequently, what happens when something interrupts this interdependence.

Click HERE to read and listen to Fr Sean’s interview.

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