Cois Tine 2012

Cois Tine 2012


Mission statement

Rooted in the call of the Gospel to welcome the stranger, Cois Tine addresses the pastoral, spiritual and social needs of the immigrant community.


Cois Tine is an outreach project of the Society of African Missions [with the support of other religious congregations and the local Church] towards the pastoral care of immigrants, mainly in Cork city and county. but a major focus will be on the members of the African community. Cois Tine’s remit is purely a pastoral / religious one. It does not address the political, legal or physical health dimensions of immigrant life, and deals with the social, cultural and mental health dimensions only in so far as they pertain to the pastoral / religious.

This outreach to immigrants has a broad ecumenical orientation but a primary Roman Catholic focus. All immigrants will be catered for.

Management Structure:
Cois Tine is one segment of the outreach programme of the SMA JPIC Desk. It is answerable to the Director of the JPIC Desk and ultimately accountable to the SMA Provincial Council.

Cois Tine,
St Mary’s Pope’s Quay
Tel: 021-4557760
Email: [email protected].

Cois Tine staff:
SMA Justice & Peace Director: Fr Angelo Lafferty SMA

Administration: Gerry Forde, SMA Justice Office, African Missions, Wilton, Cork
(021 4933475)

Committee member: Fr Kevin Kiernan OFMCap


Cois Tine is situated behind St Mary’s Church. Access is via Ferry Hill on the left of the Church… go to the top of Ferry Hill and the entrance to Cois Tine is on the right hand side.

For more information go to this link


Acknowledges the validity of cultural differences
Honours the uniqueness and dignity of each person
Welcomes the stranger in an environment that is safe and inclusive
Fosters the growth of an environment of hope, safety and mutuality
Accepts, appreciates and respects diverse spiritualities
Encourages and enables the contribution of the stranger within an inclusive and cultural context
Celebrates unity and diversity

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