CLIMATE AND BIODIVERSITY – THINKING ECOLOGICALLY – The 2023 Intergenerational Climate Justice Conference – VIDEOS


About Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice
The Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice is an annual event dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding, and action on issues related to climate change, intergenerational justice, and biodiversity. Since its inception, the conference has provided a platform for thought leaders, educators, and the community to come together to address pressing environmental challenges.


1 Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability  (This UN video was used as a resource to set the scene for the input from speakers that followed.)   

2 Eco-Systems and thinking Ecologically Dr Emma Hart – Conservation Ecologist     

3 The Rights of a River: Thinking Ecologically, James Orr, Friends of the Earth Change the Global Impact – Abigael Kima , 4 Kenyan Climate Activist

4 Climate Change the Global Impact – John Hillary Balyejusa, Ugandan Climate Activist

5 Intergenerational conversation: Protecting our Environment. Helen O’Dowd, Elders for Earth and Saoirse Exton, UN Climate Advisory Group moderated by Elaine Nevin of Eco-UNESCO

6 Environmentalist award winners from Glanmire Community College discuss their 2022 winning Young Environmentalist Award Project

7 System Change not Climate Change: What can we do? Catherine Seale-Duggan,  Community Water Officer. 




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