Churches attacked in Tanzania

Over several months Tanzanian Christians – of different confessions – have been the victims of anti-Christian violence. This has seen the burning of churches – Catholic, Assemblies of God, Lutheran… – in different parts of the country, some in the Bukoba region, along the shore of Lake Victoria.

The latest burning – on the Catholic church in Nyarwele [northwest Tanzania] – took place on 2 May last.

Fr Fortunatus Bijura, who cares for the Nyarwele parish, was defiant in asserting that though their church was razed to the ground the Catholic community would continue their witness to Christ. “Those who think that destroying our church means we won’t pray, they are wrong… We have a big tree near the church and will continue meeting there for prayers.”

The SMA have missionaries working in three Tanzanian dioceses – from Ireland, India, Poland and several African countries. Please pray for them and the communities they serve.

Read the complete Report from the Church in Chains.

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