Church torched by Fulani herdsmen

Despite the undoubted threat which Boko Haram poses to Nigeria there are also other conflicts ongoing in Africa’s largest nation [1 in every 5 Africans is a Nigerian]. Since the beginning of this year Boko Haram have been directly responsible for the killing on 208 people whilst Fulani and other herdsmen have killed at least 438. Their most recent attacks were on several towns in the southern Enugu State. These follow on attacks in Benue State in February.

Last Monday, 25 April, Fulani [known as Peul in Benin Republic] attacked a community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu, killing many people and burning the local Catholic church to the ground. Whilst the Fulani herdsmen do not constitute a single militant group they are bound loosely together by ethnicity.

Read further details of the ongoing conflict between herdsmen and settled communities in Nigeria’s Middlebelt and south.

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