Call for reform of Direct Provision System

Calls for Reform of the Direct Provision System

Irish Times 24 July 2013 
Another call to reform Direct Provision System.
In addition to the recent articles introduced and linked to below the new Child and Family Agency’s chairwoman Norah Gibbons has said she is concerned about children being brought up in the housing system for asylum seekers. Read More

Over the last week the media spotlight has turned, once again, on the deficiencies of the  Direct Provision System in which asylum seekers are required to live as they await decisions.  This attention is largely due to an article written by Ms Emily O’Reilly, who last week secured the role of European Ombudsman, in  “Studies” the  Jesuit quarterly review that examines Irish social, political, cultural and economic issues in the light of Christian values. In this article she said, “there were real fears for the safety of children living in direct provision (DP) centres” and warned conditions were not suitable.  Below are links to Newspaper articles written following the Studies publication and also a link to the full text of the article itself.

Irish Times, 9 July
Treatment of asylum seekers may be ‘our next national scandal’, warns Ombudsman.  Read More

RTE 9, July
Ombudsman calls for urgent reform of arrangements for asylum seekers in Ireland.  Read more

Irish Examiner, 10 July
State owes apology to asylum seekers. – Read More

Studies, Summer 2013
Dealing with Asylum Seekers: Why have we gone wrong? – Emily O’Reilly –  Read More


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