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Blackrock/Ballintemple Community Centre
St Joseph’s SMA Parish, Blackrock Road, Cork

Blackrock/Ballintemple Community Centre

Following a meeting of the SMA Trustees, Fr Fachtna O’Driscoll, the SMA Provincial Superior, is pleased to formally announce that the SMA is making available circa 2.0 acres of land to facilitate the development of a new Parish Community Centre to serve the Ballintemple/Blackrock area.

This land, located at rear of SMA Parish Church, Blackrock Road, is the second parcel of land to be made available for the local parish community by the SMA. Some months ago, in 2003, a portion of the land was leased to the Ballintemple National School (Crab Lane) for the erection of some badly needed prefabricated classrooms.

“This is a great use of SMA land to put it at the service of the community, because the mission of the SMA is about community-building, not only in Africa but elsewhere,” says Fr O’Driscoll. “Moreover, the Community Centre will be a good resource for the SMA’s evangelising outreach in Ireland.”

Building on the experience gained through developing the community centre at SMA Wilton, the proposed Blackrock/Ballintemple, Community Centre is being designed to cater for the needs of all age groups in the parish. It will include many features and supports for the following activities including –

  • Sporting Clubs – Bowls, Badminton, Karate, etc
  • Leisure Pursuits – Bridge, Bingo, Aerobics, Keep fit
  • Youth Clubs, cubs and scouts
  • Active retirement facilities
  • Cafe
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Creche facility … and much more.

There will be a formal handing over of the property, by the Trustees, when the Parish Trustees are in a position to proceed with the construction and development of the site.

Major Fund
Raising Underway

More information:
Call: 021-4916129

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