Be good stewards of the manifold grace of God

Be good Stewards of the manifold grace of God [1 Peter 4:10]

Stewardship of CreationWe live in what Pope Francis has called a “throwaway culture.” Many people act as though the world is something to use and exploit.

The world’s resources are being misused, especially by those of us living in the industrialised world. Carbon emissions, generated by our energy use, are the main cause of the climate change that is damaging the earth.

The great injustice of climate change is that it is those who do least to cause it are suffering the most. In Africa and Asia millions have lost homes, land and livelihoods to encroaching deserts and seas.

We pollute but others pay the price.

This is a great injustice and a failure to love our neighbour that we as Christians cannot ignore.

Click here to watch a short video about what you can to for climate justice.

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