Shalom success in Kabira

The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation [SCCRR] works to end the cycle of violence in the tribal lands of Eastern Africa.  To this end it organizes workshops, trains tribal leaders in conflict resolution and encourages sustainable human development, for example, through the building of schools powered by solar energy in remote areas historically troubled by violence.

One such workshop took place in the largest slum area in Africa: Kabira, Nairobi. And last September the 120 participants completed the programme which was under the direction of Fr Oliver Noonan SMA and the SCCRR team. This was the highest number of people to have ever been graduated at once through the work of one organization. This achievement is something for other organizations operating in Kibera and other parts of the country to emulate. Among the graduates are local administrators, district peace committee leaders, religious leaders, women and youth leaders on the day. 

Read full SCCRR Report.

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