2013 Holy Communions photos

We present a selection of photos taken at the Thanksgiving Procession & Mass on the parish feastday, 1 May, commemorating our patron, St Joseph. The children who had made their First Holy Communion a few days before were the centre-piece of our celebration and they participated actively in both Procession and Mass.

1 May 2013 a

Our First Holy Communion banner…. and the names of the children are at the bottom of this page…

1 May 2013 m

Some of the parents and parishioners walking in the Rosary Procession

1 May 2013 k

Before the Mass everyone gathers at the front of the Church

1 May 2013 h

Everyone listens attentively as two of the children proclaim the Word of God

1 May 2013 g

Fr Kevin gets the help of some of the young ones (and one or two not so young!) to help make the puzzle!

1 May 2013 i

The congregation during the Offertory of the Mass

1 May 2013 d

Fr Kevin and Fr Tommy praying the Eucharistic Prayer

1 May 2013 b

Well done to all 26 children who received their First Holy Communion in 2013.

Thanks to their parents and teachers who helped prepare them for their special day.

May all of us be ever faithful to following Jesus and making His love present in the world.

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