“If you want peace work for justice.”
farming africa smallPope Paul VI

SMA Commitment
At its core Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) concerns right relationships; with God, withself, with our fellow humans, with institutions and with all creation. JPIC is integral to and constitutive of evangelisation. Commitment to JPIC demands an authentic Gospel-based response, elaborated in Catholic Social Teaching, to what mission Means in the complex and

The Society of African Missions (SMA) JPIC commitment is marked by a prophetic concern for Africa and its peoples, who are increasingly abandoned by the international brokers of economic and political power in our world (World Bank, IMF, G8,  WTO etc).

l to the SMA Founder’s vision of mission to the most abandoned, the SMA accompanies and supports the peoples of Africa in their struggle for a more just society and world. We do this by


  • researching and publishing material to raise awareness of justice issues affecting African peoples Read more.
  • by providing a series of briefings on justice issues affecting Africa and Africans.
    Read more
  •   – through cooperation and Links with agencies and organisations working for Justice in Africa    Read more    
  • by providing reports and information about SMA’s, OLA Sisters and other missionaries Working for Justice in Africa  Read more 
  • through advocacy, supporting campaigns focused on removing the causes and effects of injustice in Africa.   Read more
  • through pastoral care of Africans in Ireland through Cois Tine an Outreach Project of the SMA Justice Office. Read more
  • By providing Justice and Peace Resources Read more


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Justice & Peace

Cois Tine


Cois Tine honoured

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