World Environment Day – 5 June

In his Message to celebrate World Environment Day [on 19 June] Pope Francis writes:

“To protect creation,
o protect every man and every woman,
to look upon them with tenderness and love,
is to open up a horizon of hope;
it is to let a shaft of light break through the heavy clouds;
it is to bring the warmth of hope!”

The wanton destruction of our environment in pursuit of financial gain brings closer the day when human life will be in danger of total extinction. As Christians we have a duty to respect and protect our environment, not only because it is God’s creation, but for our future generations.

The Society of African Missions [SMA] is one of the founder members the Africa / Europe Faith and Justice Network. AEFJN is a Christian, international not-for-profit network who seek to draw attention to Justice issues, particularly as they relate / impact on Africa.

AEFJN Ireland regularly produces a news / fact sheet. Read Issue n° 4 here.

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