What A Wonderful World – Driving at 80MAX

Before the Christmas holidays the SMA Communications Officer was asked to meet with Jane Jackson. Like so many of us, Jane is concerned about the impact of Global Warming.

Jane has come up with a simple but brilliant idea to help us decrease our carbon footprint while driving, as we transition from fossil fuels to cleaner transport modes. She has created a movement called 80MAX.

The idea is that we curtail our maximum driving speed to 80 kilometers per hour (In USA it would be 50MAX – 50 miles per hour).

This simple choice has major benefits:

Safer Roads,
Cleaner Air,
Fewer Greenhouse Gases and
More Money in Your Pocket.

This is achieved because there is:

Less Wind Resistance,
Less Horsepower Needed,
Less Fuel Burned

– all resulting in Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Since meeting Jane the SMA Communications Officer has made a conscious effort to keep to the 80MAX speed while driving on Irish motorways and duel carriageways such as the M50 and M1. He reports that he has noticed additional beneficial impacts. He reports that he finds driving to be less stressful; it is much more relaxing; there is far less temptation to road rage; and there is a real satisfaction in knowing that one is reducing harmful environmental emissions – up to 16% in short journeys and up to 30% in long journeys.

It’s not the ultimate solution. But it is a symbolic and practical statement about slowing down, and eventually reversing, the threats posed by Global Warming.

We encourage you to adopt the 80MAX initiative as a New Year resolution and as a YES to LIFE in all its magnificent dimensions on planet Earth. 

To learn more you may visit the website: www.80max.ie 

And to help you realise what we mean, and to get you in the mood for the most positive and hope-filled New Year imaginable, here is the best of Sir David Attenborough’s work set to the song immortalized by Louis Armstrong – WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD:


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