The Wall Fence Project: SMA Developments in Guffanti, Nigeria

SMA filmmaker, Fr. Tom Casey, has sent us a very encouraging story about ongoing developments at Holy Family Parish, Guffanti in Nigeria, lead by SMA missionary priest Fr. Mathias Chungu.

Fr. Chungu describes how, with the generous support of SMA benefactors in the USA, he was able to fund the completion of a security wall for the Mission Centre in his parish thus providing a secure environment for children in the literacy education ‘Dry Season Course Programme’.

With the generous support of our Irish Family Vocations Campaign (FVC), we were able to prepare Fr. Chungu to become a new generation of SMA missionaries in Africa.

Please watch and enjoy Fr. Tom’s film, and accept our gratitude for helping us to prepare such an energetic and committed priest. Without our benefactors and supporters, our ongoing work in Africa would not be possible. This, therefore, is the fruit of your good works and generosity.

Thank you!


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