The Gift of Generosity – Reflection For St. Brigid’s Day


St. Brigid’s desire:
“… to satisfy the poor, to banish every hardship, and to save every sorrowful person.”

GIFT OF HOSPITALITY  – Reflection for St. Brigid’s Day

February 1st is considered in Ireland as the first day of Spring. It’s also the Feast of St. Brigid of Kildare, second to St. Patrick in importance in Ireland. She lived in the 6th century, and was renowned for her generosity to the poor, hospitality and piety.  Here is a prayer attributed to her:


I would wish a great lake of ale for the King of Kings;
I would wish the family of heaven to be drinking it throughout life and time.
I would wish the men of Heaven in my own house;
I would wish vessels of peace to be given to them.
I would wish joy to be in their drinking; 
I would wish Jesus to be here among them.
I would wish the three Marys’ of great name;
I would wish the people of heaven from every side;
I would wish to be a rent-payer to the Prince;
that way, if I was in trouble, 
He would give me a good blessing.


It is said that the Lord would grant Brigid anything she would ask, and that what she desired was always the same-“to satisfy the poor, to banish every hardship, and to save every sorrowful man.” It seems that in her love for others Saint Brigid truly forgot herself and allowed the loving providence of God to sustain her.      

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