The Doctor of Lampudusa turned MEP to fight for Migrants Rights

“How is it possible that it’s becoming a crime to save someone at sea?”
– Dr. Pietro Bartolo, the doctor of Lampedusa 

Editor’s Note: The BBC published on August 12, 2019, a moving and inspirational article by Emma Jane Kirby about the doctor of Lampedusa who, torn by the plight of refugees washing up on his island, decided to become an MEP to fight for their plight at the heart of the European Parliament.

Three years ago Dr. Pietro Bartolo, sometimes known as the doctor of Lampedusa, was working round the clock to treat African and Syrian migrants and refugees landing on the Mediterranean island. Now he has exchanged medicine for politics. In March 2019 he was elected as a member of the European parliament.

He is part of a working party seeking to reform the Dublin Regulation, an EU law that determines which EU member state is responsible for dealing with a migrant’s application for asylum.

“How is it possible,” he snarls, “that it’s becoming a crime to save someone at sea?”

You may read the inspiring BBC article on Dr. Bartolo by clicking here. 

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