South Africa: ANC expected to postpone vote to replace Zuma

The international community, many of whom were associated with the anti-apartheid movement, continue to look aghast at political developments in South Africa and the corrupting influence that is dividing the African National Congress (ANC). It is time for President Zuma to stand down and to allow the democratic process that Madiba was incarcerated for, and Steve Biko gave his life for, to elect a new and untainted candidate. 

Fears that President Zuma will play dirty to hang onto power may be coming true

Writing for the on-line ‘The South African’ journal (3 October 2017), journalist Tom Head says that with the ANC fractured into two very different camps, it is likely the chaos which has plagued the party will severely affect the vote to replace Zuma at December’s elective conference.

The ANC is currently divided by staunch pro-Zuma factions, and members who oppose corruption and the president himself.

The fight to replace Zuma

The collective believe that the anti-Zuma factions are rapidly growing in numbers. When the December electives roll round, they expect a ‘humiliating’ defeat for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. She is President Zuma’s preferred replacement, but people are turning their backs on her by proxy.

Another huge concern follows the barbaric scenes at the Eastern Cape provincial conference last weekend. The meeting descended into farce when chairs were thrown and violence broke out, due to questions over the validity of more local elections.

Three of South Africa’s top political analysts have shared their fears over a desperate bid to cling onto power by Jacob Zuma…

Professor Lesiba Teffo:

“It will be a major challenge to make the conference collapse. Not that there won’t be attempts to do that, but it would require a huge effort. The more the ANC keeps Zuma at the helm, the more it will alienate voters. But if they have the courage to recall him, they would be given another chance by the voters.”

Professor Andre Duvenhage:

“It is unlikely that the ANC will have a fair and legitimate conference. It’s likely to degenerate into violence and the process might end up in court. The beneficiaries of any postponement would be the Zuma faction”

Dr Somadoda Fikeni:

“You may have physical fights and accusations of electoral irregularities at the national conference. Should the conference collapse, that would make the recovery of the ANC very difficult towards 2019. In that case voters would see that the ANC is failing to self-correct.”

Whether it’s legal battles or furniture being flung across a meeting hall, one thing is guaranteed. Zuma’s ANC will not go down without a fight.

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