Social Justice Ireland publish 2015 Review


After years of coping with the crisis and its consequences Ireland currently faces major choices. Social Justice Ireland [SJI], cofounded by Fr Seán Healy SMA and Sr Bridget Reynolds SM, is a think tank and justice advocacy organisation that advances the lives of people and communities through providing independent social analysis and effective policy development to create a sustainable future for every member of society and for societies as a whole.

Among the key questions raised in the Review
– what kind of future do we want for Ireland? – what level of services should we aspire to in areas such as education and health? – any views on the distribution of wealth and power in our society? …

Part of SJI’s 2015 Review sets out
(i) a detailed analysis and critique of the current situation;
(ii) a vision of Ireland’s future;
(iii) a policy framework within which Ireland could move towards a desirable and sustainable future;
(iv) a number of specific policy proposals.

Read a PDF version of the Socio-Economic Review 2015.

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