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Superior General
At central level the Society is governed by the Superior General. He is guided by the General Council consisting of the Vicar General and two General Councillors. The Superior General and the General Council are elected by the General Assembly after consultation with the entire membership of the Society.
They reside at the SMA Generalate in Rome. –

Fr Kieran O'reilly SMASuperior General:

Fr Kieran O’Reilly SMA,
(Irish Province)


 Vicar General:

– Fr Jean-Marie Guillaume SMA, Besancon
(Strasbourg District)

Fr Paul EnninCouncillor:

Fr Paul Saa-Dade Ennin SMA, Accra
(Africa District-in-Formation)

Fr Tom Wright SMACouncillor:

– Fr Thomas Wright SMA, Worcester
(America Province)

General Assembly
The supreme authority in the Society is the General Assembly which is convoked every six years. The last General Assembly was held in 2007. The next is to be held in 2013.

 Participants in the 19th SMA General Assembly 2007
Participants at the 19th SMA General Assembly, April-May 2007

The Superior General and his Council together are the supreme authority of the Society when the General Assembly is not in session. The Superior General and his Council together with the Provincial Superiors and other Society authorities meet each year in a Plenary Council to review the Society.

The Society is made up of Provinces, Districts, Districts-in-Formation and Foundations.
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