SMA Parish Wilton will hold its second Annual Family Fun Day on Sunday 16th June, from 2pm to 6pm. Highlights of the day will include cultural displays by the various International groups associated with the parish. These include the Indian, Filipino, Lithuanian, Nigerian and of course the Irish communities. Also on the day people will be able to taste snacks associated with these and many other countries connected with the parish. We will also have jumping castles and other forms of entertainment to keep the children happy.

In conjunction with the day we are having a raffle to enable the SMA to highlight what is one of our major projects connected with our concern for the environment. That is the SMA support for Africa’s Great Green Wall through our Laudato Tree Project. The purpose of the “wall” is to halt the impact of desertification across the Sahel which is a region just south of the Sahara Desert. For further information on the SMA Laudato Tree and Great Green Wall Project, please click here.

Anyone wishing to support this raffle can obtain tickets from the Office in any of our SMA Houses or Parishes. See details below:

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