Bus brings aid for 100 families in Philippines parish

Fr Gus O’Driscoll, along with our Filipino priests in Manila, are coordinating the purchase and dispatch of goods to the two parishes in the Leyte area which we have decided to ‘twin’ with, thanks to the donations arriving through our Donate Online facility.

As it is difficult to get supplies through to the area last Friday, 22 November, they bought ten seats on a bus going to the Holy Family parish, Pawing, the home parish of Fr German Patiga SMA. The bus left on Friday evening. In his latest report, Fr Gus tells us of its safe arrival…

“The relief goods that were sent from here on the bus last Friday morning arrived at the home of Fr. German yesterday afternoon, Sunday; all intact, 59 sacks, together with the wheel chair for his father. When he saw it, his eyes lit up.

German and his siblings spent this morning re-packing some of the rice, canned goods and water, and brought them to the neighbouring barangay (village) to more than 100 families who were more affected than his own family and village by the typhoon. This barangay is close to the shoreline, and practically all property is wiped out; his cousins had 4 homes there.”

In text messages this afternoon, he said that rice, canned goods and medicine are still the greatest needs there. He also mentioned slippers / rubber sandals; most of the people have no footwear – everything was washed away.  We shall be organising the purchase and sending of these relief goods in the next few days.

He ended his text by saying – “Leyte is chaotic, dirty … a barren wasteland; that’s how I would describe my island”.

Thank you for your support, and let us continue to keep them all in prayer.

God bless, Gus

To help our work in Leyte click here and then choose Philippines Disaster Fund. 100% of your donation will go to buy food, water, shelter etc as decided by Fr Gus and his team in Manila. Thank You! 

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