Senegal reopens its border with Guinea

In a further sign that the Ebola virus is being brought under control in Guinea, the border between it and Senegal has been reopened. The Senegalese Interior Ministry announced that people and goods can now “move freely by land between the two countries.”

Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been devastated by the Ebola outbreak, which began in December 2013, but all have seen recent signs that the virus is receding, with the number of new cases dropping week by week.

Senegal closed its border several times due to the virus, first in March 2014 and, after reopening it in May, they closed it again in August when a student with te virus crossed into the west African country. Air and sea crossings from the three other nations have been permitted since November last year.

The order affected crossings in the south of Senegal which were heavily used by traders, particularly during a weekly market attended by thousands from neighbouring countries.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported in March 2014.

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