Resources and Messages for COVID-19 times

We are living in a time when, due to Covid-19, there are necessary restrictions on the level of close contact and participation we can have with each other and with community prayer and liturgies. This page contains links to online resources and live-stream liturgies from SMA Parishes and other locations.

It also has video messages from SMA’s describing their current situations in the countries where the live and work and also offering us messages of hope and encouragement. We hope these resources will help your journey through this extraordinary time.

Scroll down through this page to locate the resource you wish to access and click on the links on the right or else click on the video play buttons. (To enlarge the video screen click on the expand icon – [ ] on the right of the YouTube screen.)

SMA PARISH WEBCAMS – Livestream Mass times.  
Funerals are also live-streamed
Wilton Parish
Mass times
Weekdays:10 am & 5.35pm  Saturday Vigil Mass 6pm Sunday:10.30am & 12 noon   To Join
Click here

Blackrock Rd
Mass times 

Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday
at 10am 
To join
Click here 
Weekdays, 9.30am  Saturday 10am  Sunday 9am & 11.30am 
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after morning Mass 

To join
Click here

SMA Voices  – During Pandemic 2020
Fr Lawrence Chinnapan      
Fr Salisu Yakubu Sabo Sr Kathleen McGarvey OLA  Fr Pat Kelly   Sr Regina Opoku OLA 
Fr Tom Curran  Fr Ignatius Malwa Friends of Africa Fr Paul Monaghan 
Fr Brian O’Kane  Fr Julius Temuyi  Fr Anthony Kelly 

Fr Alphonse Sekong

Fr Malachy Flanagan Fr John Dunne Fr Tom Casey Fr Fergus Tuohy
Fr Anthony Olaniyan Fr Tom Kearney Fr Charles Owosu-Ansah Fr Michael O Leary
Other Resources and useful Websites
Video and music resources offering hope and reassurance. Click here
What’s  On
Timetable of all live services current on or upcoming within the next 2 hours on Church Click here

Thought for
the Day

A short Reflection and also access to an online source of information and inspiration. Click here
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