Religions for Peace say ‘no justification for Paris attacks’

Religions for Peace (RfP) is deeply saddened by the terrorist attack in Paris. There is no justification for this act of violence; it grossly distorts the message of Islam and is a source of anguish to all sincere believers. We note with appreciation the statement issued by the European Council of Religious Leaders- RfP (click here).

As the world’s largest multi-religious coalition, we stand together in the categorical rejection of violent religious extremism that is used to justify terrorism or any other form of violence in the name of religion. This ideology is misguided, as the primary narrative of each religion is Peace-not violence. The attack in Paris is an attack on all of humanity; it debases a great religious tradition holy to 1.6 billion people and leaves us all vulnerable and insecure. Our diverse religious traditions call us to stand united in solidarity with the dignity, vulnerability and well-being of the “other,” with the full force of our respective spiritual and moral teachings.

As religious leaders, we accept a special responsibility to reject, condemn and take action against violent religious extremism. We are committed to mobilizing the great resources of our respective religious traditions to take action together to help overcome it. Following the Abu Dhabi Statement (click here), co-issued by RfP and the Forum for Peace in Muslim Societies, which categorically condemns all forms of violent religious extremism, we have created a multi-religious, multi-stakeholder plan to counter violent religious extremism. Through the cooperation of religious communities, governments, intergovernmental bodies and other civil society actors, it will be possible to not only counter violent religious extremism, but also to build the common good that honors human dignity and advances the flourishing of the global family.

The above statement was issued in the name of RfP Secretary General, Mr William Vendley.

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