‘Prophetic Actions and Voices on Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice’

The Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) is hosting a webinar on ‘Prophetic Actions and Voices on Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice’ on Wednesday (6 September). Among the speakers will be Dr Lorna Gold from Trócaire, who gave a keynote address to the 2016 SMA Summer School on Laudato Si’.

The webinar (a seminar conducted over the internet) will explore the need for public divestment from fossil fuels and how Catholic institutions can pull together to capitalise on their joint potential.

“Many faithful Catholics are already responding to Laudato Si’ by moderating their consumption and embracing renewable energy technology. This is wonderful! Much much more, however, remains to be done by Church institutions to respond to Laudato Si’ and ensure that we are not unwittingly supporting the very practices that are degrading our planet,” says Lorna Gold.

“In particular, how our investments are made is critical in this regard and whether we are still investing in the companies at the heart of climate injustice – namely the fossil fuel industry,” she said. Divestment from this industry is about moral consistency, she said.

Contributors to the webinar, which begins at 3.00pm GMT, include Luigino Bruni, Professor of Economics at the Lumsa University (Rome) and worldwide coordinator of the Economy of Communion.

Dr Gold will present a new resource for Catholic Institutions – the Catholic Divest Toolkit, and ​Cecilia Dall’Oglio of GCCM will explain how Catholic institutions of all shapes and sizes can jointly announce their divestment commitments together on key dates, to increase the visibility of the cause​. ​The next Joint Catholic Divestment announcement will take place on the Feast of St Francis on 4 October.

Members of the public may register for the webinar at:



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