Pope Francis endorses the Laudato Si’ Pledge

Writing on behalf of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, Marisa Vertrees, has contacted the SMA Communications Office to inform us that Pope Francis has endorsed the Movement’s Laudato Si’ Pledge.

Following on our reports on Monday and Tuesday about the impact of global warming on Antarctica, this pledge is a global initiative that we need to support and promote. 

The Laudato Si’ Pledge calls for three commitments from individuals and communities. It calls us to:

• Pray for and with creation
• Live more simply
• Advocate to protect our common home.

Vertrees wrote: “All of us in the Church need to take the lead on immediate action to tackle climate change, and that is why Pope Francis is asking each of us to sign the pledge. We are committed to get at least 1 million Catholics to sign the pledge by 2020. Will you help us by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter right now?”

“Pope Francis has called climate change “a global problem…one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” We need bold, global action. This is why we want 1 million Catholics to sign the pledge and live out Laudato Si’.

Vertress asks us to help spread the word about the Pledge.

You can sign the Laudato Si’ pledge by clicking here.

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