No ordinary elections

IRIN News is proud to announce the launch of No Ordinary Elections, a multimedia documentary exploring the complex and momentous changes next month’s elections will bring about in Kenya.

The polls will not only see in a new president, they will also set in motion an ambitious programme of devolving political power from Nairobi to 47 counties created under a transformative constitution adopted in 2010.

Through interviews with prominent figures in civil society and the humanitarian community, as well as profiles of a cross-section of citizens, No Ordinary Elections provides an incisive anatomy of the state of Kenya today, and delivers detailed analysis of some of the country’s most pressing issues, such as:

Will devolution really bring power to the people?
What drives the divisions between Kenyan communities?
Why do Kenyan elections tend to trigger violence?
Is Kenya ready if it happens again?
Is there any justice for victims of such violence?

Click No Ordinary Elections to view the different parts of the IRIN presentation. (Best to use GoogleChrome or Firefox as there seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer at the moment). IRIN agrees that all material in No Ordinary Elections may be reproduced free of charge.


The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) seeks to understand the causes of conflict in Kenya and bring a resolution to some of them. Its Executive Director is Fr Padraig Devine SMA and Fr Oliver Noonan SMA is its Program Manager. With the support of the SMA, Misean Cara, Electric Aid and several other Agencies it organises workshops all over the country to help achieve this.

For example, earlier this month, the SCCRR were invited by the Officer Commanding Police Division of Nakuru to facilitate a training of police officers to enhance their skills in Conflict Management in light of the upcoming elections. In the aftermath of the 2007 elections, Nakuru experienced violence between different ethnic communities, leaving many people injured, displaced and extensive damage to personal property.

Click SHALOM for further information and to read their February 2013 Newsletter click NEWSLETTER.

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