New Shape of Africa

Map of New SMA Districts-in-Formation

map showing the new DIFs

Success leads to Change

The massive growth in SMA membership in Africa has necessitated major changes. In 2010, nineteen more SMA priests from several African countries will be ordained, bring the number of African SMA priests to more than 160. They will work alongside the members from the traditional units in Europe and America. And with some 170 African seminarians preparing for missionary priesthood in the SMA the future of our missionary apostoalte seems assured. This growth has happened in just over 20 years. Our African members come from 12 African countries and they work in thirteen African countries as well as in USA, Canada and France.

African District in Formation
All of the African members until 2009 belonged to the SMA African District in Formation (ADF). Its administrative centre was in Lome (Togo) . The growth in numbers has made the task of administration of the members from so many countries almost impossible.

Three New Districts in Formation
The 2008 SMA Plenary Council of SMA meeting in Rome decided to create three Districts-in-formation (DF) from the ADF:

  • Great Lakes DF: comprising the SMA Regions of South Africa, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.
    Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is led by Fr Thaddeus Mokaya Ogato (from Kenya) assisted by Fr Edouard Musiba (from DR Congo) 
  • Bight of Benin DF: comprising the Regions of Benin-Niger, Central African Republic and Nigeria.
    Headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is led by Fr Basil Babatunde Soyoye (Nigeria) assisted by Fr Francis Barka-Nado (Central African Republic)
  • Gulf of Guinea DF: comprising the Regions of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia and Togo.
    Headquarters in Lomé, Togo.  It is led by Fr Nelson Adjei-Bediako (Ghana) assisted by Fr Fabien Sognon (Togo).

The new structures should ensure a more effective administration of SMA affairs in Africa. We thank God for the ever-increasing number of members of the Society and for the continued support of our benefactors who make our work possible.

Details of the Districts will be posted as they emerge.

Will you help … 

To educate a seminarian costs over €4,000 per year.  With 250 seminarians in training to support this new initiative we need over €1 million each year.

It costs more than €10,000 per year for a priest’s basic upkeep and transport.  With our 400 active missionaries in Africa we do need help. Please donate online now …



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