New French venerable tussled with India’s caste system

The SMA Founder, Bishop Melchior de Marion-Brésillac, was recently declared Venerable by Pope Francis, a significant step on the road to sainthood. The following is an article – originally from the Mission Etrangères de Paris [MEP, the Paris Foreign Missions Society, of which de Brésillac was a member before founding the SMA] and published in UCA News [Union of Catholic Asian News]

The missionary life of French-born Melchior de Marion-Brésillac, whose process of canonization passed a crucial step last month, is marked by his struggle with the caste system in southern India.

Pope Francis signed documents recognizing “heroic virtues” of the missionary priest on May 26, making him Venerable Melchior, the step before beatification and canonization. 

Born on Dec. 2, 1813, in Castelnaudary in France, the missionary who advocated modern ideas lived for….  Click to Read More

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