Live Today’s Day – Prayer found on the body of Sr Odette – Algerian martyr

We celebrated recently with the OLA Sisters the beatification of Sr. Angele-Marie OLA and Sr. Bibiane OLA, two of the 19 Algerian martrys beatified by Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, Special Papal Envoy, on 8 December in the Basilica di Notre Dame of the Holy Cross, in Oran, Algeria. 

The following prayer ‘Live today’s day’ was found on the martyred body of Sr Odette Prévost of the Little Sisters of the Sacred Heart who gave her life for Christ on November 10, 1995. She was the last women of the 19 Algerian martyrs to be assassinated.

It is an ideal prayer to help carry us through every day of the New Year:


Live Today’s Day

Live today’s day. God gives it to you, it belongs to you.
Live it in God.
Tomorrow’s day belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to you.
Do not impose today’s worry upon tomorrow.
Tomorrow belongs to God, hand it over to him.
The present moment is a frail footbridge.
If you weigh it down with yesterday’s regrets,
Tomorrow’s anxiety,
The footbridge gives way and you lose your footing.
The past? God forgives it.
The future? God gives it.
Live today’s day in communion with God.

  • Sr. OdetteFor further information on Sr. Odette, please click here.
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