Kenya/Tanzania: The girl who convinced the Maasai to stop FGM

“It’s just the cut that’s wrong,” she said. “All the other things — the blessings, putting on the traditional clothes, dancing, all that — that’s beautiful. But whatever is harmful, whatever brings pain, whatever takes away the dreams of our girls — let’s just do away with that.”
– Nice Leng’ete, The New York Times

Aged eight, Nice Leng’ete was destined to undergo female genital mutilation, leave school and be married off to an older man, according to Maasai tradition.
She not only fought against FGM for herself but, through her bravery and persistence, helped overturn this centuries-old practice for thousands of Maasai girls across Kenya and Tanzania.

This is her story.

A New York Times article about the inspirational leadership of Nice Leng’ete may be accessed by clicking here. 

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Video produced by Ellen Tsang and Andrea Kennedy. Footage by Ken Mungai.