Justice Briefing – Africa Arms Trade

Justice Briefing:  AFRICA – Arms Tradearms _trade 
 The latest SMA Justice Briefing is focused on the Arms Trade in Africa and also on  the forthcoming UN Arms Trade  Treaty (ATT). The proliferation of arms in Africa, especially small arms such as Assault Rifles, Machine Guns and Mortars, has fuelled conflicts causing death, displacement, destruction and great suffering.

Over the next three weeks representatives from the 193 UN member states will meet in New York to negotiate, what it is hoped will be, a binding international Agreement regulating the trade of conventional weapons and ammunition. If these negotiations result in a strong treaty it will have a huge positive effect in Africa and on the lives of millions of Africans. We pray that this will be so.

This Briefing looks at the current poor regulation of arms transfers in Africa and the need for a robust Treaty that will help reduce armed violence. Read More

Having read the Briefing click here for a more detailed overview of the issues involved in the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in a clear and short document based on a presentation by Valerie Moreau (GRIP) to Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network antennae.