Jewel of the Universe

earth rise from moon


How I love you Mother Earth


Perfectly positioned

You encourage life and sustain it.


Upon you, humankind rushes to and fro

seldom stopping to acknowledge

Your beauty or dignity.


We take the mystery of day and night

and year to year

for granted.

We seldom marvel at the speed with which you spin

and the vast solar orbit you travel

resulting in the rich splendour of your seasons.


More and more

as our knowledge expands

we learn that you alone

are the only known life giver.

Our nearest neighbours

Venus and Mars

are either too hot or too cold.


Teach us Mother to love and respect you

as an infant reveres its own.

As a child is nurtured by its mother,

so too, all Earth’s children are nurtured by you.


You provide for our every need…

Physically you build us

Mentally you enrich us

Emotionally you heal us

and spiritually you are part of our essence.


As your children

teach us to share in the greatness of your generosity.

It was never your intention to care for some

while neglecting others.


You provide enough for everyone’s need

but not for everyone’s greed.

This is your most basic law of nature.


As members of your family,

teach us to love one another

as you love us,

by sharing your resources

fairly and with justice.


Your surface and your seas

are the breadbasket of all humanity.


Teach us O Mother Earth

that hunger and oppression

insult your selfless generosity.

And teach us O Mother

that no man or nation has the right

to possess your destruction.


In loving you,

may present and future generations acknowledge –

we do not inherit you from our parents…

we borrow you,

from our children.

earth from space 3


 © Don Mullan (1982)

Published: World Without Violence – Can Gandhi’s Vision Become Reality?

New Age International Publishers, 1994