The Family Tree Programme – Growing in love together

The Family Tree

The Family Tree Programme gives families of every kind the chance to become stronger by working together through a programme that can be followed over 4 sessions which can, if preferred, be spread over 4 weeks.

Any family can participate: the family in the home, in the classroom or school, in the youth club, sports club or community group.

Families are like trees—they have roots and branches. By looking at all the different parts of the tree, completing the activities and thinking about how they connect to the family, we can learn more about our families and why they are so important. Each family is encouraged to “build” their family tree as an arts and crafts project as part of the programme. This can be entered it in a Competition. (See below)

The Four Sessions Programme

Session 1. Our Family: Roots
Look at the roots of the tree, and why they matter. What are the roots of our family? How do they make us stronger?

Session 2. Our Growing Family: Trunk
Consider how the trunk protects and supports the tree as it grows. Who supports our family? What helps it to grow stronger?

Session 3. Our Global Family: Branches
The tree reaches out and grows through its branches. It gives shelter and space for animals and birds to live. How does our family reach out to those around us ? How do we care for others far away?

Session 4: The Family of Creation: Leaves, Fruits and Nuts
A tree produces leaves, fruits, nuts to feed and provide for others. It gives something of itself to creation. What does our family do to care for creation, to protect the earth? How do we make creation a better place for others?

How do we take part?
To take part, you need to register your name and contact details with

Once you have registered, you can download the information leaflet, including the link for the online tutorials. These will give you more information about each session of the programme and its activity.

It is important to register so that when you complete your own “Family Tree”, you can enter it into the competition. The winning “Family Trees” will be on display at the World Meeting of Families event in Dublin in August 2018.

What happens then?

Every family who complete and submits a “Family Tree” will be invited to plant a “Laudato Tree” to mark their participation in the programme, the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis.

They will also be invited to support the Great Green Wall, a tree planting project in Africa, which aims to help families work together to care for the earth and provide food and shelter for each other.

“Any harm done to the environment is harm done to humanity”

– Pope Francis

To download The Family Tree Programme Leaflet, please click here.

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