Community turns against Boko Haram

IRIN (a United Nations News Agency) is reporting from Maiduguri, a city in the north east of Nigeria, that the community there are turning against the Boko Haram insurgents who have brought so much death and destruction to the millions of ordinary peace-loving Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.

The IRIN reports young men with machetes manning road blocks in the city: “Rather than the military’s Joint Task Force (JTF), it is these volunteer vigilantes dubbed “Civilian JTF” that are largely credited with pacifying the city over the past year. Whereas the often blundering and brutal JTF regarded everyone in Maiduguri as a potential Salafist, the community-rooted volunteers – officially the Borno Youth Association for Peace and Justice – actually know who Boko Haram members are. They are the eyes and ears of the security forces watching for infiltration and, though the best of their weapons are antique single-shot “Dane” guns, or the odd shotgun, they are often the first responders to trouble.

Read full IRIN Report here.

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