Chaos of EU migration planning

Though many expected an increase in the number of refugees / migrants in Europe this year the threefold jump for the January – July periods in both between 2014 and 2015 has caught everyone by surprise.

The total number of migrants detected at EU borders this year is 340,000. Nearly a third of them have arrived in Italian ports, landed by the different ships which have picked them up from flimsy, unsafe boats in the Mediterranean. 2,200 have died risking the trip from the Libyan coast to Europe.

Greece is now the focus of migrant arrivals with 55,000 arriving in July alone, which is 7,000 more than the number which arrived in the whole of 2014.

The problem for the arrivals in Greece is where to go to next. If they get into Hungary [which is within the Schengen Zone] they can then travel freely all the way to Calais and try to cross the Channel to UK.

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