During the past months Cois Tine has been considering how best to provide a service that is relevant and effective in the current climate and situation in Ireland.  During 2012 and into the current year the number of people using our drop-in service has decreased significantly as has demand for training, counselling and the use of our premises by immigrant community groups.  All this reflects the reality of fewer asylum seekers coming to Cork, the fact that the majority of our client group now live in the community and the preoccupation of people with the economic downturn that is affecting the wellbeing and quality of life experienced by people from all sections of the community including immigrants. 

Recognising these changes we have decided to focus our resources on where the need is. Therefore in future our Service will focus mainly on pastoral support visitation to the three Asylum Seekers Accommodation Centres in the Cork area. This service will focus on adult Africans with priority given to African women, who for various reasons may be less able to engage with the wider community.

Popes Quay will continue as the base for Cois Tine’s work by providing office space for administration and a place where clients can be seen by appointment.  Our former drop in service will not continue.  We are delighted that NASC – the Irish Immigrant Support Centre will soon move into Popes Quay allowing for even closer cooperation than in the past.

In the current year outreach visitation will be provided by a small team of staff and volunteers.  In essence our work with immigrants in 2013 will be slimmed down and experimental in the sense that it will gauge the need for a visitation service to African immigrants into the future and the feasibility of extending it to Africans living in the community.

Cois Tine’s Involvement in immigrant community activities and training will continue, although to a lesser extent as will our work to promote integration and the inclusion of immigrants. The Cois Tine Website will also continue as will our openness to participate in networking, public and Church events in order to promote inclusion and integration.

Cois Tine will continue in this new form and we hope that groups, individuals and agencies with whom we have cooperated  with, or had contact with and in the past, will continue their openness to working with us in the future albeit in a changed way that reflects our new reality.

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