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trees_featherLiving in and involved with the communities in which we work, we in the SMA witness on a daily basis the struggle of Africa to achieve its potential in today’s world.
Africa for the SMA is the continent where we have found:
– a welcome
– an openness to receiving God’s  Word
– an attraction that inspires our missionaries to spend and give their lives.  At present, SMA works in 16 countries in Africa. For more information about any of these countries click on the name of country below
Angola Benin Central African Rep D R Congo Egypt
Ghana Ivory Coast Kenya Liberia Morocco
Niger Nigeria South Africasouth_africa_flag Tanzaniatanzania TogoFlag of Togo


Visit to Angola

A visit to the Italian SMA group in Angola The SMA has just under 1,000 members, of which we Italians are about 40. Despite...
Flag of Togo

Republic of Togo

Area: 56,700 sq kmPopulation: 5.4 million.Population Growth Rate: 2.4%Capital: LomeHead of State: President Faure GnassingbeIndependence: 27 April 1960Ethnic Groups: 37 groups - largest...

South Africa 2012

South Africa There are 16 SMA missionaries appointed in South Africa, serving in three dioceses (Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rustenburg) and in SMA administrative...


- Photo of Effon-Ekiti Church, western Nigeria, in 1916 -   Federal Republic of Nigeria Area: 924,000 sq....


Information valid as of February 2011   Republic of Liberia Area: 111,370 sq. km.Population: 3.3 million.Population Growth Rate: 1.7%Capital: MonroviaHead...

Ivory Coast

Abidjan skyline with St Paul's Catholic Cathedral in the forefront Republic of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Area: 324,000 sq kmPopulation: 17 million.Population Growth Rate:...


Republic of Angola Area: 1,236,700 sq. km.Population: 10.8 million.Population Growth Rate: 2%Capital: LuandaHead of State: President Jose Eduardo Dos SantosIndependence: 11...


Republic of Benin Area: 112,600 sq. km.Population: 7 million.Population Growth Rate: 2.9%Capital: Porto Novo (Official)Coutonou (Government)Head of State: President Boni...