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trees_featherLiving in and involved with the communities in which we work, we in the SMA witness on a daily basis the struggle of Africa to achieve its potential in today’s world.
Africa for the SMA is the continent where we have found:
– a welcome
– an openness to receiving God’s  Word
– an attraction that inspires our missionaries to spend and give their lives.  At present, SMA works in 16 countries in Africa. For more information about any of these countries click on the name of country below
Angola Benin Central African Rep D R Congo Egypt
Ghana Ivory Coast Kenya Liberia Morocco
Niger Nigeria South Africasouth_africa_flag Tanzaniatanzania TogoFlag of Togo


Kontagora Diocese established

In May 2012, we asked our SMA supporters to pray for the 2nd Vicar Apostolic of Kontagora, Most Rev Bishop Bulus Dauwa Yohanna, as...

How Catholics in Africa are dealing with COVID-19

Writing for the Catholic Daily, La Croix International Lucie Sarr gives and update on how Catholics in Africa are dealing with COVID-19   March 24, 2020 Most...

African Catholics confront the Coronavirus

  The Catholic Daily, La Croix International reports that Churches across the continent take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19   Lucie Sarr, Abidjan  March...

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2020

Hauwa Ibrahim – A woman with hope in her heart! She saw hope in them. And she did not let it fall on deaf ears....

Italian diocese prays for missing SMA missionary

Father Ceferino Cainelli SMA, Italian Provincial Superior, has spoken about the continuing disappearance of an SMA colleague, Fr Pierluigi Maccalli. "No information, no sign...

Cardinal Robert Sarah – Who is he?

  "I see Cardinal Sarah as the baobab tree, a man of integrity, an old African sage who, as the proverb goes, is leaning against...

Burkina Faso – Interreligious Dialogue to combat violence

"It is undeniable that the Church has contributed much to the African society in the areas of education, health and human progress. But evangelization,...

A Prayer for Holocaust Memorial Day – January 27

A prayer for Holocaust Memorial Day Loving God, we come to you with heavy hearts, remembering the six million Jewish souls murdered during the Holocaust. In...