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trees_featherLiving in and involved with the communities in which we work, we in the SMA witness on a daily basis the struggle of Africa to achieve its potential in today’s world.
Africa for the SMA is the continent where we have found:
– a welcome
– an openness to receiving God’s  Word
– an attraction that inspires our missionaries to spend and give their lives.  At present, SMA works in 16 countries in Africa. For more information about any of these countries click on the name of country below
Angola Benin Central African Rep D R Congo Egypt
Ghana Ivory Coast Kenya Liberia Morocco
Niger Nigeria South Africasouth_africa_flag Tanzaniatanzania TogoFlag of Togo


Nairobi, Kenya: UN signals ‘end’ of throwaway plastic

... we know plastics are already damaging life in the sea. We don't know how much more damage it can take before whole ecosystems...

‘Even poverty is better than migration torture’ – Archbishop of Dakar

“Please, dear young people, it is we who will build our country, it is up to us to develop it. No one else...

How Big is Africa? As big as the USA, China, India and Europe, together!

  Africa: as many have never seen it before: The comparison below shows it's really as big as China, India, the United States AND most of...

The Elders condemn Libya slave auctions, demand migrants’ rights respected

October 2017 - CNN record the live auction of human beings as slaves, which it broadcast on 17 November 2017. The reporter, Elbargir, was...

African priests and the use of Facebook

Editor's Note: Writing for Le Croix Africa (15 November 2017), journalist Lucie Sarr has a feature on African clergy and their mixed views on using...


"The number of migrants and asylum seekers who arrive in Europe is a small percentage of Africans moving within their continent. They are mostly...

The U.S. retreat from Africa

"So far under Trump, U.S. foreign engagement is declining with respect to Africa. China and India have already begun to fill the void by...

Eritrea: “Africa’s North Korea”

Writing for the Vatican's news agency, Agenzia Fides (13 November 2017), Enrico Casale likens the brutal isolationist policies of Eritrea to that of Kim...